Electrical Technology

The main purposes of the Department of Electrical Technology are-

  • To understand the basics and application concerned with electricity
  • To be proficient practical concerned with electricity wiring, maintenance of home appliances, motor control, classification of transformer types and application
  • To generate skillful workers for industrial workshops
  • To be able to teach short-term training courses required for regional development
1Daw Ei Mon KyawA.G.T.I (EP)Lecturer
2Daw Hkam YinGTHS (ET)Laboratory (3)
3Daw Ding Kang May RI YamGTHS (ET)Laboratory (3)
4Daw Ma Shin Dan Nin SarA.G.T.I (EP)Laboratory (5)
5Daw Moe Moe Aung A.G.T.I (EP)Laboratory (5)
6Daw Da Chi Nin ShinGTHS(ET)Laboratory (5)
7Daw Dakhum Nang SarGTHS(ET)Laboratory (5)
8Daw Aye Thin YuB.E (EP)Assistant Lecture
9Daw Yi Kyin SeinB.E (Ep)Assistant Lecture