Academic Department

Department of Literature

Subjects in the development of literature are supportive subjects in Government Technical High School. There are Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects in the department of literature.

Myanmar is the mother subject of Myanmar citizens, it is an important subject for all students.

English can help and support for exploring and learning of international technology, ascension and general knowledge.

Mathematics includes measurement and decision making, it is absolutely necessary for GTHS students to be able to interact with practical activities.

Chemistry is a subject of studying what is found around them. Physics is a very useful basic for the development of science and technology.

Staff List from Academic department

No NameDegreePosition
1Daw Ngwe Thaw Tar AyeM.Res (Maths)Lecturer
2Daw Han Myat SuB.A (Eng) DESP Dip (UFL)Assistant Lecturer
3Daw Phongri Nin RamB.Sc (Physics)Assistant Lecturer
4Daw Kai SengB.Sc (Chemistry)Assistant Lecturer
5Daw Yin Htang Nin RamB.A (Myanmar)Assistant Lecturer