Building Technology

Department of Building Technology

    Warmly welcome to the building technology department at Government Technical High School (Putao). This department is the field of studying basic factors about buildings concerned with Engineering Drawing, Surveying, Building Materials and Construction subjects. BothTheory and Practical about subjects are able to be learned. Regular and short- term trainings have been opened. Students who have passed grade 8 can be attended. If the students have been passed out exam with recommended qualification in second year, they are able to be continuously attended to Government Technical Institute (GTI).  These department aims to the students to understand theories and to proficiently apply them in workplace, to produce skilled workers for development of country.

1Daw Thin Thin AungBE(Civil)QAssistant Lecturer
2Daw Zami OhmA.G.T.I (Civil)Laboratory(4)
3Daw Ban Ju Ta Ngang ZiA.G.T.I (Civil)Laboratory(4)